PatioArt is a full service advertising company. The core is the production, where we create all the advertising products that every business needs on a daily bases in OUR OWN production facilities: press-banner, prize, badge, drawing box, stand, tribune, advertising/souvenier products, iron construction, signboard, frame, street signs, decor, ring, tag, rollup and all kinds of furniture. We can do nearly anything you might wish from the idea to the implementation. The main directions are: Production, Outdoor, Furniture, Design, Polygraphy, Branding, Interior, Decoration, Photo and Video service, Consulting, Internet-marketing, Event management, Marketing communications and media placement – everything from the idea till its implementation. 60+ employees are working at PATIOART at the moment. About 5000 projects for 1400 clients were implemented during the 7 years of company existance. Our slogan is – “From the idea into implementation”. Why? All our projects are unique and different requiring individual approach, but each of them starts with the idea. Each project is managed by its responsible project manager to ensure highest possible outcome. Our goal is to do our job on highest quality. Your success is our top priority! You can download the full portfolio here!